T. Harry Hoffman & Sons Funeral Home has provided two generations of capable and compassionate service to the Dashwood and surrounding communities since its founding in 1939 by T. Harry Hoffman.  We take pride in meeting the comfort and needs of all our families.  Since January 2012, T. Harry Hoffman's dedication to Funeral Service is carried on by his son Jim and Jim's wife Donna who continue to provide the community with the same care and compassion T. Harry Hoffman & Sons Funeral Home is known for.

Our Condolences Policy

**  Please note that like a sympathy card we believe condolences to be a private expression for the family.  As such, we have made the decision to make all condolences and tributes Private, (even though our website has an option to make them Public) this is done so that only the family can view them and people can leave more personalized messages.

Many of our families expressed their appreciation of our decision regarding the privacy of the condolences and tributes.

A Funeral Director's Prayer

Lord, give me the patience needed to serve everyone as my own;

the wisdom to understand other's feelings;

the knowledge to learn as well as to instruct;

the kindness to treat everyone equally at all times;

the strength to endure long hours and hard work;

the desire to serve others as I would my own family;

the humility to accept words of thanks and praise;

the compassion to touch another's soul;

the pride and the right to smile when I have served a family well;

and Lord, most importantly the right to shed an honest tear when my heart is touched;

Lord, make me thankful that

I am a Funeral Director.

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The Government of Ontario introduced an estate tax called the Estate Administration Tax,
on January 1, 2015, (this tax was previously known as Probate).
This effects any estate over $1,000.  The above link should be read by every executor as the responsibilities and timelines of the Executor have been effected.