Jim and Donna Hoffman

The Definition of the word THANK-YOU
Used when telling someone you are Grateful  for something they Said or Did
Used when Accepting Something that has been Offered to You

April 18th, 2013 we embarked on a Journey, a Journey that took us down a road we had been on once before, only this time we took a totally different path. We didn’t take this Journey alone, on it we took our Children: Kelly & Ryan, Jamie & Leslie, Brenton & Amanda and our Grandbabies: Taylor, Kaitlyn, Grayson and Justin.

Over the past year they have kept us grounded, offered us love and support and we could not have traveled this path without them, for this WE LOVE YOU ALL.

We also took with us Jeremy an extended member of our family, who helped whenever and wherever we needed him and for that we THANK him.

To our dear Sarnia friends, Don & Laurene Smith who stepped in and became our voice of reason those first few days and were by our side as we encountered every bump in the road we THANK YOU.

Also supporting us along the way were the rest of our Family, Friends, Community, Business Associates, Acquaintances and our many Church Communities of Faith. We welcomed their words of encouragement, their offers of help, prayers and blessings. All this gave us a sense of hope. We will be FOREVER THANKFUL for all that everyone had to offer.

To the Dashwood Fire Fighters and our family who allowed Ashley to shave their heads WOW is all we can say. To those that donated blood, or walked for a Cure in Jim's name NEVER STOP there are so many others still taking this Journey that need your support.
They say there is always something GOOD that comes out of something BAD Our GOOD was Amanda Gadsby, a newly Licensed Funeral Director who came on staff, stepped into our shoes when we couldn’t be here and walked in them exactly the way we would have. We could not find any definition for the word THANK YOU to express our gratitude for what she has done for us throughout this journey and for what she continues to do. We are very proud to have her as a full time Funeral Director at T. Harry Hoffman & Sons Funeral Home.  We are also grateful to the rest of our Funeral Home Staff for carrying on the everyday running of our business inside and out.

To our family doctor Jerry Jadd, you are amazing and we are grateful for you and your health care team of Theresa, Elaine and Jay. You started us on this Journey, you steered us in the right direction and without your expertise our Journey would never have begun or ended the way it did. To Dr. Luke and his amazing secretary Amanda, Dr. Howson-Jan and his nurse Mary. The spectacular team of nurses at LRCC Chemo Department and University Hospital, 8th floor surgical Thank-you will never be enough.

Last but not least to Patti thanks for encouraging us to “Keep our Eye on the Prize”. We learned many things as we traveled down this unfamiliar path. We learned we had a huge mountain to climb, but it was climbable and that “God never gives you more than you can handle".  As our Journey comes to an end and life starts to get back to normal, we will forever be mindful that we are not the only ones who have taken this Journey.

To all those who HAVE, WILL or STILL are taking this Journey You will Forever be in Our Hearts and Prayers. Rely on the 3 “F’s”

they are what will get you through.